CYCLING PARTY is a board game that brings together the excitement of road cycling as a sport and the enjoyment of strategy games. Direct and manage your own cycling team. Choose your race strategy, and look for the best opportunities by taking advantage of the situations that occur during the race.
CYCLING PARTY has 3 levels of play: junior, senior and master according to the skill and experience of participants.
Play a game at the junior level and learn the basic situations of the race: pelotons, pacelines, breakaways and climbing mountain passes.
At the senior level you will have to manage the different kinds of riders: Climbers, sprinters, domestiques…
The master version is the most complete and attractive version of the game. Create a stage race with the help of the game software and play an absorbing game with a multitude of prizes and variations: stage awards, the general category, climber, regularity, for teams… to play with your favourite riders by simulating the routes of the best stage races.
Excitement and thrills guaranteed!
One of the features of Cycling Party that set it apart from other games is this: we want to make it easy for you to learn to play with us. And the best way to do that is to use the videogame tutorial we have prepared specially for those of you who want to learn and have fun at the same time. Use our application and learn to play the junior version while you enjoy yourself and win your first races. The app is available on iOS and Android as well.